New to the board. {:o)


I just wanted to do a quick introduction of myself.

I am Kenneth, live in the United States & absolutely love polizieschi.

I have easily over 100 polizieschi on dvd and am just now starting to collect polizieschi on VHS.

I am learning Italian, I’ve taken a college course and will be posting in the “polizieschi” forum in Italian. I need to learn it! :slight_smile: So please bear with me. I would much rather not be lazy and post in English.

There is plenty to learn here, so I appreciate you guys being here! :cool:


You love Polizieschi and We love Quentin.

What a wonderful world!:D:D:D

Here you can post in the international forum writing in your language or in the italian section (but using italian language).

This is the link where you can read the rules of this forum.

Welcome in this forum Kenneth :wink:

Hi and welcome between us, Kenneth!
Where do you live in the United States?

We hope you’ll enjoy this forum! If you like polizieschi you’ll find a lot of discussions in the section “Italia a Mano Armata” , but only in italian language!

Welcome newely and have a good time

Best Regs and have a quick learning of Italian language

Bmw aka Marco

Thank you so much for the warm welcome Marco, Renato & scerbanenco! :smiley:

Marco, I live in Texas. It’s about as different from Italy as you can get! I did live in New York for about a year, though, where I was able to eat some true Italian food at least once a week. :wink:

Thanks again for the welcome, guys. Look foward to talking to you in the future. :slight_smile:


Hi, Kenneth, welcome to the forum, I’m contacting you from Germany.

The forum has unique caracteristics, there are no other site like this in the Internet. There are a lot of hardcore italian police film fans in here!

You will have fun for sure.

I’m more into the italian general cinema myself, only just a bit into polizieschi.

Best regards,


Welcome Kenneth.

Hi Kenneth!

First off, welcome aboard. This is for the most part a pretty much easygoing board, so I’m sure you’ll have fun here.

As Scerbanenco already told you, there’s a post stating all the rules that apply here. We tend to follow them very carefully, this helps keeping this place nice and well organized. I understand most of it isn’t that easy to understand for an english speaker, so here’s a brief digest of the most important rules… you’ll figure out the rest of them by yourself just watching the other posters’ behavior. :wink:

  • before posting any topic, please use the SEARCH feature to see if what you’re going to say/ask has already been addressed somewhere. At the beginning of almost each room you will find a sticky thread called “ABC FILM”, which links the threads of all the movies we already discussed. This could really save you some time.

  • open a different topic for each movie you want to discuss. No multiple discussion regarding different movies in the same thread are allowed. In the case of “BEST MOVIES TOP 10” threads and the like, you can list more movies at once, but for in-depth discussions regarding a single movie you should always open a specific thread (or see if there’s already one).

  • the small green or red squares under your nickname show your reputation. A green(positive) one is given when another user agrees with one of your post, a red (negative) one is for the other way around. Reputations are for mild agreement or disagreement, just to avoid useless posts like “I think so too”, “I don’t think so”, etc. without giving any further contribution to the discussion. Reputation is not so important, so don’t take it too seriously when you get a red card, and don’t retaliate… there’s really no need. :wink:

  • “Warnings” and “Infractions”, on the other hand, are way more serious and can lead to a temporary or definitive ban. Only moderators can give you one of those, and if you don’t understand why you got one I suggest to contact them and see what you did wrong.

  • If you want to post images, please upload them to an external host like imageshack or photobucket beforehand. Remote linking from other websites is forbidden.

  • Never, ever talk about “peer to peer” sharing or worse yet post e2k or ■■■■■■■ links. I find every effort to find “invisible” movies understandable, but piracy is not endorsed here. :wink:

  • If you’re going to give away important plot details about a movie, like for example its ending, please use the SPOILER button to hide the text.

Well, I think this should be all… if you have any questions, just feel free to ask! :slogun:

Thank you Straniero, SWAT & Slogun! :smiley:

Great advice, Slogun. I appreciate the time you took to tell me that. Just a heads up that I am against piracy and have never uploaded movies on any site. I find that behavior not in the best interest for anyone who actually cares about cinema. Again, thank you for posting that. Take care. :slight_smile: