Permette? Rocco Papaleo

Yesterday I watch a movie I wanted to see for a long time AGAIN, that finally came out in DVD, “Permette? Rocco Papaleo”.

I actualy saw it, originally, when it came out, in 1971 (this gives you an idea of how old I am!), I was a teenager then and really enjoyed it, and wanted to see if I would still like it today. I haven’t heard much about it anywhere, in fact, until today I haven’t met anybody who saw it (I know it doesn’t mean much because, unfortunatelly, I don’t hang with moovie fans), so I was very excited to watch it again. Anyway, as it seems a rule in my case, I did enjoyed it, which means that I pretty much liked then what I still like today (or that I didn’t developed at all, hihi…).

This is definetely an interesting picture about the USA, american dream, etc. made by an Italian director, Ettore Scola.

Probably you can make some analogy between this movie and “Midnight Cowboy”, filmed a couple of years before (1969), it even has an harmonica player as the most prominent instrument in the soundtrack (although it’s not Toots). A very interesting view, in this case, of Chicago and the whole USA. Includes some really sad characters…

Lauren Hutton is fresher than ever, and I really liked the the old “barbone” (homeless).

Regardless of those scenes with “REPLAY” in slow motion (you’ll know what I mean if you see the movie), this is a highly recommended film by all means, especially for the ones interested in social movies, dramas, etc.

My version was in Italian, an included only italian subtitles and no extras.

If you watched this and liked it, I recommend you check out “Stroszek” (1977) by Herzog. It’s not a similar movie at all, just deals with the subject of the “American Dream” too from the perpective of another european director. It’s, so far, my favorite movie of him I’ve seen.