QUESTION TO THE ITALIANS (but not only...)

Dear Friends,

I feel very lucky to be able to watch some italian TV channels on my parabolic antena. However I noticed that many times the picture gets “frozen” at the begining of many movies. This seems to be no coincidence!

Since I’m in another nation could this may be on purpose, meaning: could the satelite recognize that the signal is received in a country outside of Italy and for a copyright reason “freeze” the image?

Thanks for the replies!


No, simply some transmissions come criptate why they don’t have the rights of transmission for the foreign country.
What kind of receiver do you got?

Dear geepy,

My receiver is a Gecco F2-light.

Thanks for the answer!


Uhm, it’s a Free-To-Air!
So you cannot put a cam module to decrypt trasmissions.
However it’s possible to open only RAI not Mediaset. :wink:

Yes, it’s a free to air like, the TV channels I intend to see as well (Rai 1-2-3, R4-C5-Italia1…)

GECCO F2-Light

Didn’t quite understand this, because I don’t have much knowledge about satelites, receivers, etc.:

Do you mean that there is gadget to watch them anyhow?

Thanks again!


With common interface receiver is possible to watch crypted trasmissions.
You need a “cam module” (i.e. matrix, dragon, ecc.).
Read dedicated forum for further information.

Dear geepy,

Thanks once again for the explanation, maybe those will be the next gadgets I’ll try to get…

Take care!