Renato Polselli

The prince of Eurosleaze and the most underrated, underdiscussed, misunderstood of all Italian directors.
Always had a weak spot for him after seeing the midnight video bootleg of Delirium. I was really delighted when Redemption put out Reincarnation of Isabel and am very pleased with the Anchor Bay Delirium DVD. I´d really like to see his other movies. Are they out there on DVD somewhere - I can´t seem to find them. And what about the famed Truth according to Satan or House of Sin - Police interferes (if I recall the title correctly) - those I´d be happy to see even on video…

Shendene has released 3 of his movies on DVD, Oscenità, Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra… & Riti, Magie…

Bear in mind that these are analog masters put on dvd, no remastering has been done, so the quality is far from being Criterion… :wink:
Audio is also only Italian, and non subs whatsoever. Regardless, I bought all 3 of them, since I doubt they’ll be put on dvd in the future. :slight_smile:

Bad masters but always better than see Luton Town loose 5-1 to Preston…:smiley:

Rarovideo ( announced the release of “Delirio caldo”, “Solitudine”, “Ultimatum alla vita”, and “Oscenita’” more or less two years ago; one year ago they said they were deciding the release dates for the last three I mentioned, but they haven’t been released so far.
There was also the possibility to release “Oscenita’” featuring also the original version but finally nothing happened.

That’s mean and off topic… :mad: :slight_smile:

I agree…sorry…:-p

Polselli has always fascinated me, mostly because of the rarity of his films and how…iconoclastic they are. When I watch one of his films, I feel that he’s giving a collective finger to cinematic conventions, much like Jess Franco (just more interesting!). Strangely, with all the talk of the new DELIRIUM dvd, I must admit I like this title the least of his films. It just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s waaaay too discombobulated and frenzied, and yet nothing really interesting happens despite the sleaze! Plus, the recycled footage from REINCARNATION just made the production seem that much more slapdash.

PS I really don’t care about Luton Town football team…:pimpdaddy

Hollis 1 - Venticello 0… :smiley:

Some day ago, I’ve seen a movie not much known of Renato Polselli, a comedy called “Avventura al motel”, of 1963, broadcasted by Happy Channel on sat some time ago. It’s a “pearl” of the earlier career of this “crazy man” that reunite many good names of the italian cinema: Gino Cervi, Erminio Macario, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Anthony Steffen, Aroldo Tieri, Lia Zoppelli, Liana Orfei, Mario Scaccia etc.
This movie has got many amusing scenes and it’s funny to see it.
I prefer these initial works of Polselli, like L’amante del vampiro (funny…the plot is similar to the future Pupillo’s movie…Il boia scarlatto, where a group of gilrs, ballet-dancers go in a castle…) or Il mostro dell’opera (i must see in these days also a mondo-movie called mondo pazzo gente matta) even if they have got a simple plot, but they are not much complicated like the works of 70’ties…I tried to see La verità secondo Satana and of course the other cult movies you have mentioned and… I became crazy! :slight_smile: even if I know that Polselli is loved for this crazyness, of course.
I’ve seen another movie produced by Polselli, Lo sceriffo che non spara, a western of 1965, where He has got this name: LIONEL A. PRESTOL
If you analize, is an anagram of his name!

Polselli has to be seen in SMOKORAMA! :smt033

He has studied philosophy and his films are veritable dissertations on the nature of evil, starting with L’AMANTE DEL VAMPIRO with its alternate theory on the origins of vampirism. La verita secondo Satana? I got a real pretty good copy in Italian mother tongue, in my opinion one of his best.

Exactly. :smiley:

Thx for these interesting notes, I would like to add only that there is an evident fracture from the initial works of 50-60 and the more recent works of 70’: the first were much simple, the second much complex…but for me is a complexity that go to the direction of a bit of confusion, naturally Imo. I knew about his studies on philosophy: perhaps this give a reason for his elucubrations of 70’ :slight_smile:

at present, what’s La verita secondo Satana longer version in Italy? What’s its running time?

I will control my copy.

I’ve a version edited by Tower film s.r.l., it’s running time is 1:25:08.
The logo of Tower film appears at start and at the end.

I got my copy last december, its length is 1:28:49 (special thanks to A.L.T. of bcult, a real gentleman). Well, I was afraid it existed another longer copy. I think it comes from Camen tape source. The garish colors, sleazy characters, unseemly settings, & fantastic electric soundtrack plunge you headfirst into this chaotic erotic world. Polselli is a director who really tries to be approximating eroticism through film instead of just representing or reproducing it. During some of the more outrageous fantasy sequences it is not clear exactly whose psyche we are traveling through…it is more like a spasmodic and violent series of images that dissolve the barrier between individuals. About La casa dall’amore…, another gem, I have read a very intriguing review of this one on an old ETC issue, and since then wanted to grab it. Is it so good?

I’ve got it from a lot of time, but I’ve never seen it :oops: …of course, for my few free time. Now, intrigued by this topic, I promise to myself to watch it in the next days! :slight_smile: . Another movie of Polselli, MANIA, is intriguing my in these days…refreshed in my mind by an old post of our member A.N. that spoken about it.

Hi Mark, where did you get your LA VERITA’ SECONDO SATANA longer copy? How can i contact u?

Let me know… I’m ready for trade…

as member bcult trade-area. I am still busy a lot of swaps there.

A Polselli book will be released in United Kingdom on 2006, by Wayne Maginn…at least a book on Renato…!!!