Respiro" (aka "Lampedusa")

I’ve seen this movie the other day which I liked.

In the extras (very enjoyable) there was a scene when one of the young actors (“Francesco” in the movie) is in a scooter with the director, and you could see some quite damaged “projects” (cheap buildings). Where are these? At Palermo, Lampedusa or?

Here is part of it, and you can find the segment starting ar at 04:54
Here (Youtube) you can watch it:



youtube address posted is wrong.

Thanks SWAT, I didn’t check it but originally it was that one…anyway: the misteries of Internet…

Try this one (You’ll enjoy it!):

Once again, check out: 04:54

Best regards!


probably is the ZEN, a district from Palermo.

Dear L’Infame,

Thanks, QUITE a place!

Nice photo of Kinsky!