REVENGE aka: "Il Cittadino si ribella"

REVENGE aka: “Il Cittadino si ribella” (also known as “Street Law”).

I really enjoyed this 1974 movie by Enzo Castellari, about a man victim of the criminality, that decides to take justice for himself, after exhausting, unsuccesfully, all legal channels.

To me the story was pretty well written and credible.

Filmed in Genova, with some nice shots of the city, the main caracter, played by Franco Nero, represents in his desire, a good portion of the society (all over the world) still today, who feels impotent, at the mercy of criminals of all kinds (violent type, white glove type, etc).

It doesn’t have any of the “oversized” sound effects, so present in other italian movies of the genere (that bother me so much), and includes some crude violent scenes very well filmed in my opinion.

Barbara Bach is on the movie but does a really small roll.

The only thing I can criticise, and not just in this movie but in most Italian films of the time, is the LIGHT. When I was a kid and saw all these releases in the 70’s, I thought that it was always cloudy in Italy!
The critic goes for interiors as well as exteriors shots. It’s a pity no one in the site, aparently, is a cinema student to explain me why this happened, but perhaps someone knows 'though …

The opposite, to ilustrate better what I mean, is actually one of the things I love the most from the TV series “Distretto de Polizia” (I know, something completly different, how can I compare one with the other, right?), the light

The music is basically pretty crude POP-ROCK-SOUL played by a small electric group (bass, guit, drums, keyboards, percusion, harmonica, and vocals, as far as I remember).

My version was from the company “23 rd century”, in ENGLISH (ZONE 0) with no subtitles or extras of any kind.