Şehvet dvdr review - Turkish Western Collection

today I review the turkish western Şehvet
directed by: Tunç Basaran
the movie is listed on some turkish sites as an erotic western…

disk info:
the disk I got is as far as i know the only print available… looks like its a direct film to disk transfer! very good quality.
runtime is 54min, fullscreen, black and white, turkish audio…no subtitles

the movie (as most turkish westerns) uses soundtracks of other spaghetti westerns, in this movie we can hear; the good the bad and the ugly…and some atmospheric sounds/music from other westerns that I coulnd’t recognise direct.

I found the movie a bit boring…beginning was very promising…brutal action…no mercy…weird morals…but slowly the movie turned into a boring adventure without story where woman get raped and bandits get killed…over and over… I counted 20kills and 12rapes…that in 54 minutes!

for introduction:
our hero - Tamer Yigit

girl 1 - Figen Han

girl 2 - Fatma Belgen

bandit boss with a pair of woman underwear in his hands! - Reha Yurdakul

turkish fernando sanchos look a like - Kudret Karadag

the movie:
our hero antersa bar were a few bandits just shot a couple of peole over a game of poker. the stranger shot a guy aswell, that was on the point of shooting the bandits leader. the starnger and the bandit leader are not friends now…but the bandits own the stranger a favour. our hero stays in the bar and the bandits go.

we follow the bandits that go into a house and terroring a family. they beat up the old man … wanting something of him that the bandits dotn get…so the bandits shoot the 5year old gran daughter of the man in the face! … you see that often in turkish westerns that children get shot in the face!..nothing wrong with some child shooting…The old man starts crying…what pisses the bandits of…so they shoot the old man aswell…in that moment our friend walks intot he house…it was his family!!!he sees the horror the bandits have created, but before our friend can do anything he is been punshed in the face by the turkish fernando sanches.
the bandits are still not satified so they rape our friend wife/sister? and force our friend to watch the rape.

than the bandit(carlos) that our friend saved his life, enters the room…all other bandits leave the house. Carlos gives our hero a gun so he can put his wife/sister out of missory??? the girl is shanking of pain and torturing…she is clearly traumatised…her daughter has been killed,so is her father ad she has been raped! So our hero does what a real man shoud do, he takes the gun and shoots the poor girl in the head!!!

our hero sweares revenge on his families grave.

Our hero takes revenge by kidnapping the two girlfriend/daughters of the bandit leader.
he ties the 2 girl to a rope and pulls them both throught the desert, while he is sitting on his horse.
the bandits man find our hero and the 2 girls in the desert…it comes to a shoot-out…our hero combines some acrobatics with fast gunfire…so he shoots all bandits except 1. our hero pulls down the underwear of 1 of the girls, so the 1 bandit can bring that to the bandit leader as a sign that the girls are alive??

than the movie becomes very boring…same thing happens over and over or hero rapes te 2 girls…some bandits apear…or hero shoots the bandits…rapes the grls…shoots some bandits…rape…shoot…rape…gives away some underwear … shoot…rape…shoot…rape…rape

very nice detail…our friend rapes the girls…but the girls also enjoy it! so if you ape a woman oft anuff, she will start enjoying it!

final scene, our hero has made a apointment with the bandit leader to meet at a farm. our hero ties the bandit leader to a tree, and our hero rapes the 2 girls infront of the bandit. after he is done our hero gives the bandit a gun with 2 bullets so he can kill the 2 girls…instad of that the bandit shoots at our hero. our hero jumps to the side…so the bullets miss him. our hero is very angry now and trows the 2 girls and the bandit in a waterwell, the 3 can not clime out of it, our hero trows in a few sticks of dynamite, big bang! -son- the end.

not a very satisfying movie…first 10, 15 minutes are oke, but ones our hero kidnappes the 2 girls the fun is over.
the rapes scene’s our not hard-core…sometimes you can see a side boob…as you can see…so I dont agree with the discription erotic western…just not anuff nudity in the movie for that…will keep it catogorised as jsut a movie with a very weak story

and the sleeve I made for my dvdr