ssv - starvideo

One of my favorite labels!

the years I have been living in switzerland I picked up a couple of movies from this label.
think I had atleast 40 titles :wink: some very rare!

Im trying to collect all spagheti westerns on it, but im not sure If Im aware of all the titles they released.

I heared some stories about “matalo!” beieng released on the label…but i never seen any proof of that

these are the westerns I know of that are one the label, are the other titles that are missing?
Oggi a me Domani a te!
Il Pistolero de ave Maria
Lo Sceriffo
Il Grande Duello
Trinità e Sartana figli di…
Quien sabe?
I vendicatori dell’Ave Maria
Carambola, filotto… tutti in buca
Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco
Noi non siamo angeli
Tutti per uno… botte per tutti
Far West
All’Ombra di Una
Una Donna Chiamata Apache

Carambola (still looking for a tape)
Django Spara Per Primo (still looking for a tape)

I didnt make scans of all the ssv tapes I had over the years, but these scans i still have.
did them all away in trades…only kept the westerns.

Here is two more SSV/Star Video Scans:

and “7, Hyden Park La Casa Maldetta” which used to be your old tape. :wink:

Those are just italian STAR VIDEO, not SSV :wink:

About me, some debris of my old SSV & Starvideo collection, some fetish-title and a couple of good old classics :slight_smile:

gialloboy has these up for very cheap prices!

VHS Abuso di potere Switzerland Star Video/SSV Video AG 20 Euro
VHS Solamente nero Switzerland Star Video/SSV Video AG 50 Euro
VHS Giornata nera per l’ariete Switzerland Star Video/SSV Video AG 50 Euro
VHS Morirai a mezzanotte Star Video/SSV Video AG 10 Euro

Yes, sorry my mistake, here in Northern Europe many collectors list them as SSV/Star Video.