Turkish & Italian Co Production Crime Movie 1978

Hi Folks;

I prepared a secret co production movie from 1978. Turkish title is INSANLARI SEVECEKSIN , its also name Thou Shalt Love Human Beings

Its a gang and crime story between Istanbul and Roma;


Turkish cult star Cüneyt ARKIN makes his cool style action and Bixio Frizzi Tempera’s Operazione K score plays background frequently.



Looks similar to this other movie whit Cuneyt Arkin:


I don’t understand if this is the same movie:


Hi Slavic ;

Yes you right , I made an investigation in past about this title. KRIMINAL PORNO is other release name of INSANLARI SEVECEKSIN but I think this title used for Italy, movie’s Turkish version doesnt include any porn scenes and I think Italian version can include only a few erotic scenes such as 70s any crime movie.

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Hi Frank;

I guess this movie is an Italy - Turkey co production BASKIN. Means that SUDDEN ATTACK in Turkish. Cuneyt was a gang and he broke up all connections after his sons burn and goes to jail. When he returned his son grew up with the police officer who got Cuneyt in past.

INSAN AVCISI is an other crime classic of Cüneyt Arkin. Means that MAN HUNTER in Turkish. Cuneyt fights with 2 cia agents and secret Greek Organization there. Uses a short shot gun look like Mad Max’s . Some scenes was cut in Europe and when its released on tv. For ex Cuneyt cuts a spy wiht a big saw.

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yes frank, it is quite similar with Cuneyt Arkin movie, i have watched this 2 month ago!