Una forca per un bastardo


sorry I dont speak Italian.

I have been collecting spaghetti westerns for several years now…my collection (euro western) excists out of ± 400 video titles. besides the video’s I also have around 700 titles on dvd and dvdr euro westerns from 1960 - 1980.

a couple of years ago I found this german video of “una forca per un bastardo” … is their also an italian video - tv release f the movie available?

these are some titles Im still looking for…doesnt matter what format:
(1) Amando de Ossorio (1964) Tumba del pistolero, La = Tomb of the Pistolero Country: Italy
(2) Claus Tinney (1971) Großstadtprärie - Prairie in the City - Country: West Germany
(3) José Luis Madrid (1974) Siete chacales Country: Spain / Italy
(5) Lamberto Benvenuti (1971) STIRPE DI CAINO Country: Italy
(6) León Klimovsky (1966) Django… Cacciatore di taglia - Django, a Bullet for You - Country: Italy
(7) Mario Pinzauti (1971) VAMOS A MATAR SARTANA - Allons tuer Sartana - Demasiados muertos para Tex - Let’s go and kill Sartana - Country: Italy
(8) Mario Siciliano (1981) PORNO EROTICO WESTERN - Western porno-erotique - Western porno-erotique -Country: Italy
(9) Pedro Martins (1969) BONANÇA E COMPANHIA Country: Portugal
(10) Sergio Pastore (1968) CRISANTEMI PER UN BRANCO DI CAROGNE - Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine - Country: Italy