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    Il Maestro Invincibile (Domo video)
    Jackie e Bruce in l’ultima sfida (Eureka video)
    Wang la furia che uccide (avo film)
    Piedi d’acciaio (avo film)
    Il violento del karatè (avo film)
    Dita di fuoco (avo film)
    i giganti del karatè (avo film)
    L’inferno nella mano (avo film)
    Bruce Lee contro la setta dei serpenti (avo flm)
    La tigre della manciuria (avo film)
    La rabbia del tigre (avo film)
    La rivolta del drago (avo film)
    Princess Madam (Hong Kong Classics)
    Angel Enforcers (Hong Kong Classics)
    City Cops (Hong Classics)
    Satan Returns (Hong Kong Classics)
    Pedicab Driver (Made in Hong Kong)
    Blade of Fury (Made in Hong Kong)
    Iron Monkey (Eastern Heroes Video)
    The Traitorious (Eastern Heroes Video)
    Il cinese dal braccio di Ferro (Video Club)
    Snake in the eagle’s shadow (Made in Kong Kong)
    Snake Deadly Act (Eastern Heroes Video)
    Born to defend (Hong Kong classics)
    Buddhist Fist (Made In Hong Kong)
    Drunken Master (Made in Hong Kong)
    Burning Paradise (Made in Hong Kong)
    The Odd Couple (Hong Kong Classics)
    Dirty Tiger and Crazy frog (Hong Kong Classics)
    Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from shaolin (Eastern Heroes Video)

    - Dvd -

I duri di Hong Kong (avo film)
I 12 colpi segreti del kung fu di bruce lee l’invincibile (avo film)
deadly angels (Shaw Brothers)
The Dragon the hero (vengeance video)
crack shadow boxer (crash cinema)
Drunken Monkey (Celestial Pictures)
Sorrowful to a ghost (Mei Ah)
Gold Snatchers (cool video)
hero of kwang tung (red sun video)
18 brozengirls + 18 golden destroyers (ground zero)
rivals of the dragons (saturn productions)
yoga and the kung fu girls (soulblade)
dragon force operation (saturn productions)
the blazing ninja (saturn productions)
black belt karate (crash cinema)
kung fu hero’s (tai seng)
double double crossers (vengeance video)
the 26 deadly styles (Hong Kong connection)
Bruce the super hero (Gootimes video)
Fighting Ace (Brentwood)
The city of violence (italiano) (Domen video)
7 star grand mantis (ivl)
Dragon Squad (italiano) (Passworld)
Gambling for gold (vengeance video)
Dead or alive (italiano) dynit
Incredible kung fu mission (soulblade)
Writing kung fu (Vengeance video)
deadly china doll (HK Video)
Mantis Fist Boxer + Tiger from canton (Brooklyn Zoo)
37 plots of kung fu + revenge of fisy of fury (Insta action)
The city of violence (Dragon Dynasty)

- Vcd -

Collezione Shaw Brothers (Celestial Pictures)