Wholesaler ??

Hi folks,

I told you that I run a little Online-Store in Germany for Exploitation DVDs and I want to offer also some Italian DVDs. I already stock “Rarovideo” but there are lot more companys out there.

Can anyone give me some advise??

Thx for help
Tino :slight_smile:

About crime movies:

LegoCart published “Il Consigliori”, but it’s a fuckin’ very cheap version; leave it alone.
The “No Shame” master of “Roma a Mano Armata”, as well as the “Alan Young” one of “Paura in città”.
Alan Young” and “Dania Film” also did good job with “Napoli si ribella” and “Milano Odia / Milano Trema”.

That’s what I’ve got in my mind for the present.