World War II Spaghetti Western

…I proudly announce my new website:
cynical - cold-blooded - surreal
War Movie Blockbusters on Location in Spain

Wonderful! Great job!
You should show your work to Umberto Lenzi. He would be certainly happy to see it.

I second that and a very fabulous site aswell and i hope you will continue updating it. :slight_smile:

Apart from collecting on Giallos and Poliziottis, i’m also a huge fan of Euro WWII & Naziploitation movies aswell. :slight_smile:

Excellent web site. You really should contact Mr. Lenzi, he has great memories of his shooting in Spain war movies.

Well, I would like to but have no contact mail/…!
I tried to get a contact to Jose Luis Merino, but he does not really like to talk about his War Movie Flicks.
He seems to be much more interested in talking about his Horror Movies…

Hi Capt! Lenzi is very active on Facebook. If you publish something on his profile he would surely reply :wink:

hi capt.douglas

love italian/spanish ww2 movies.

this is my modest tape collection…can be that a few tapes are missing…pictures are a few months old:

This is a great collection. Mhh, can you spare a little time?
If you like you can do some kind of Tape Report for the panzer-hell-spain website with photos, story etc.

sorry, dont have the time for it. I try to review a turksh movie in the weekend…through out the week I just dont have any time…

No problem. Would like to upload more…but with family…enough time is quite rare.