Yugoslavian movies

Some of those 1960s-1970s made Yugoslavian movies are Ultra rare.

I used to own the only known example of this movie before i sold it to an German collector: Pogled iz potkrovlija (1977)

Below are my archive pictures i kept of the tape and sleeve.

Released by Videorama (with Silver sleeve and toplabel on the tape).

Hardly any information to be found on the internet about this quite decent Horror movie.

There is also a giallo “Delitto al circolo di Tennis” a co-production Italy/Yugoslavia, probably never released on tape:


You’re wrong, it was released on a Spanish label

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There’s also a quite bizzarre Serbian - Italian coproduction released on VHS by Magnum Entertainment in USA as The Rogue, Italian title is Donne sopra, femmine sotto :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , directed by Boro Draskovic & Gregory Simpson, starring the hottest Barbara Bouchet ever, right?

2 wonderful dark stories during the ottoman invasion. Very dark and graphic, as you can see from the intro of “Anno domini 681”

Anno Domini 681, the glory of Khan (aka Seljacka buna 1573):


-The falcon/Banovic strahinja:


-“Leptirica”, the first yugoslavian horror ever made:


-“Rat - Atomic war bride” is the most famous yugoslavian sci-fi movie. Directed by cult director Veljko Bulajic in 1960, it was also distributed in the USA:


-“The rat savior” (“Izbavitelj” aka “Il ratto salvatore”) is a frightening horror/sci fi macabre tale about mouse’s hidden plans for revenge on humanity, it’s really interesting:


-“The ghost from galaxy” (“Gosti iz galaksije”) is a quite strange sci-fi film, in the vein of many sovietic or east-germany “intimate” red sci-fi:


Some thriller/crime/noir movies were also screened in Italy:

-Doppio cerchio (aka Dvostruki obruc), a dark crime/thriller setted during the II world war

-L’alfabeto della paura (aka Abeceda Straha), another thriller/spy set during the II world War:

-Operazione Tiziano (aka Operacija Ticijan), a spy/thriller from 1963: