Amori vizi e depravazioni di Justine

Hi All, this is my first post. :slight_smile:

We are working on the first uncut DVD release of Chris Boger’s nunsploitation movie CRUEL PASSION (1977), and we are searching for artwork. It was issued in Italy as Amori vizi e depravazioni di Justine -can anybody help me locate a locandina and fotobusta set? We would like to use the locandina as the main cover image. Any other artwork - posters, video covers etc would be most welcome.

Hi Marc,

take a look at this site:

Here you can find everything you need in artwork material about almost every movie released in Italy.


I already tried them - they have only one fotobusta and they no longer reply to emails. A pity, they used to be very reliable.

Hi welcome, :slight_smile:
Let’s hope in the help of somebody who got stuff in his private collection, with some scan.

Hi quality 300dpi scans would be OK - we don’t need the originals, although we’d be happy to pay if they are available to us :slight_smile:

When I was last in Milan and Rome I used to go to SAC (Servizi Ausiliari Cinema) and purchase posters - do they still sell to the public?