Are there any other English speaking members on this forum?

Anyone on these boards speak English? I think I may be the only one?


Yo Jonny, looks like I can… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Good to hear from you Venticello!!

I don’t feel so alone on these boards now!

I’m a big fan of Maurizio Merli and Umberto Lenzi’s crime films (Poliziesco’s?) correct me if I use the wrong words for these films. What is the correct Italian name for the Italian Crime/Police films?

I have a question, I hope you can answer it! Can you tell me where Maurizio Merli is laid to rest? I will be in Italy very soon and would like to know where, if possible I can pay my respect to his grave.

Best wishes

You already said the Italian name by yourself: “poliziesco / polizieschi”.
But the ‘70 critics started dissin’ them, calling 'em: “poliziotteschi”, because in most cases they were all about a single police man who did everything.
Personally I hate this last name.

I don’t know where Merli’s laid to rest; maybe around Roma.

As Nemesi I don’t know where Merli laid, but I try to ask it to others forumist for you and I’ll let you know here.

Thanks a million you guys!! I really appreciate your feedback on these topics!! For over 15 years I’ve been a fan of poliziesco films, they are the best films I’ve ever seen. I like Giallo’s aswell but not as much as the poliziesco’s!!!

I hope you can find out where Merli is resting. Thanks for being so cool guys.

Speak soon,


Hi Jonny, welcome in our board :slight_smile:

You will find many english speaker user.

About your question, Venticello opened a topic with your request in the italian board :wink:
As and when we got a reply, you will surely know.

Hi Jonny,
SWAT (be kind with him he’s the MASTER) answered you with the link in the upper post. If you have difficult in understanding italian Language, Maurizio Merli should be buried in POGGIO CATINO near RIETI.

Let us know a report of your visit.

Amazing! Thank you so much! I will definately give you guys a report! I’m Visiting Rome on my 1st wedding anniversary this coming September. I’m not sure where Rieti is but if it’s within my reach I will do my best to visit. Thanks, especially to SWAT and Venticello!!


I have just been looking at some maps… Poggio Catino is about 20-25 k’s from Roma?

Hi Johnny, welcome! Poggio Catino is 80 km far from Rome… I’ ve looked here:

80km, I doubt I can manage to get that far from Rome on my visit. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll hire a car, but I’m not too good at driving on the other side of the road! Why do you guys have to drive on the wrong side of the road!!?? :wink: I’ll probably crash before I get out of Roma!

If I can get a bus or train I’ll try and get to Poggio Cattino. I’ll do my best. I’ll be in Roma in September so I have time to plan my visit.

Many thanks for your help my friends!!


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welcome jonny 8)

Hi @ all,

I also want to use the chance to say hello. I am speaking a little english :wink: and I also drive on the wrong side of the road (Germany) :smiley:

I hope for a great time on this board.


welcome Tino

Hi! Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Tino!

Good to hear I’m not the only one who drives on the wrong side of the road amigo! :wink:

What films do you like? I look forward to talking to you.


Hi Jonny,

I like of course the cop movies. I am working on my own first DVD in germany and hope that it becomes a success.

My Top 10 are:

  1. Napoli Violenta
  2. Uomini Si Nasce Poliziotti Si muore
  3. Quelli Che Contano
  4. Milano Odia
  5. Quelli della Calibro 38
  6. Roma Violenta
  7. Roma A Mano Armata
  8. La Banda Del Gobbo
  9. Napoli Spara
  10. La Mala Ordina / Il Boss / Milano Calibro 9 :lol:

Don’t ask me what film is the best. I startet it all with Napoli Violenta and thats why it always comes first. But there are so many other great movies I really can’t decide between them.

Il Grande Racket
Vai Gorilla ( I think this is one of my all time favorites because its so unknown but brilliant)
La Polizia incrimina la legge assolve

No, I better stop it or I have to write them all :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot of great actors. Maurizio Merli, Tomas Milian and of course the god himself Henry Silva :!:

He is the greatest villian on this planet and he will ever be !!!

I also run a Online-Store in Germany and offer a lot of Exploitation and other Stuff around the World. It is no big store but it is the only one with this kind of special offer.

I live for the movies and do a lot of things to live it the rest of my life 8)

You’ve got the “Napoli Violenta” DVD in Germany… :x
While we are still waiting for it… :evil: