Favorite NON Italian mafia movies?

Favorite NON Italian Mafia (or organized crime) movies? Please, list all you want…

Go for it!


The best:

The Untouchables B.DePalma
Casino M.Scorsese
Goodfellas M.Scorsese
The Godfather F.F.Coppola
The God father, Part II F.F.Coppola
The Godfather, Part III F.F.Coppola
Little Caesar M.LeRoy
Donnie Brasko M.Newell
Scarface B.DePalma
Scarface H.Howks
The Pubblic Enemy W.A.Wellmann

La Belva…, thanks,

I was out of home today and was able to just post the subject of the thread, here you have a little list of mine .

Some are not mainly about the Mafia or organized crime, but have important references, at least to me - I also enclosed some humor movies about the subject.

  • Casino
  • Goodfellas
  • The Godfather I - II - III
  • Donnie Brasko
  • The Last Don
  • Analyze This
  • City Hall
  • F.I.S.T.
  • Get Shorty
  • Hoffa
  • JFK
  • My Cousin Vinnie
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Summer of Sam
  • Snatch
  • Traffic
  • Traffik (1989)
  • Witness to the Mob (TV)
  • Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Midnight Run
  • Suicide Kings

About your list: I haven’t seen all you mentioned or must see again some to agree.


I love reservoir dog and pulp fiction, but I don’t think that are “Mafia movies”…also Traffic…

Dear LaBelvaColMitra,

Again, my list was more, as I said before, beyond being the Mafia the main subject of the movie, OR EVEN MENTIONED, and I understand my list is, at least, controversial (I confess, actually a little on purpose).

The subject in “Traffic” is narcotics, you might relate those situations shown in the movie with the Mafia or not, but in any case, clearly is organized crime (please read the opening message).

In Pulp Fiction the reference is smaller, but Travolta, Keitel, Jackson, and others all seem to be part of something like a Mafia group.

Perhaps more controversial is “Reservoir Dogs” in it’s relation to the Mafia (and I censor myself why I think so), I agree. Probably is the behavior of the boss who planned the rob, who reminded me of someone belonging to that kind of association.

Have you seen all the movies I listed? Which ones not?

Best regards,


I have seen all the film you have…but traffik and my cousin vinnie no…

Straniero, also look for “Gotti” (1996 - Robert Harmon) and “Boss of Bosses” (2001 - Dwight H. Little).
Only U.S. DVD; there are not area 2 yet.

And what about mean streets?! I like it very much!


That’s an austanding miniserie from UK over which the Sondenheim movie is based on. Same kind of story but between Europe (mostly going on in Germany and UK) and Afganistan, and the substance is opium. HIGHLY recommended.

There is also an american miniserie version which is not bad either, deals more with traffic of every kind, people, drugs, and…

My Cousin Vinnie is hilarious.


Thanks a lot, I’ve seen “Gotti” on TV (already a bit started) about 10 years ago and really liked it, and would like to see it again. Haven’t seen “Boss of Bosses”, good tips!

Oh, by the way, besides if you consider the ones in my list Mafia movies (some aren’t really, as I already told you), I think you should check them all.


I’ve seen Mean Streets (when it came out!!) many years ago and should watch it again to tell you if I like it today.

Thanks and best regards to all,


And what about THE SOPRANO?! Serietv…

The french connection I e II

in italian Il braccio violento della legge…

Good to read you Pollanet!

I’ve seen those but in the 70’s, might have to see them again to consider in a favorite list.

Who is the person in your avatar?


Haven’t seen the Sopranos yet, believe it or not…Which TV channel shows them in Italy?

Best regards,


my avatar belongs from the official picture of mr. Giovanni Leone, who was an old president of italian republic

this picture was in every Commissariato on the wall just beyond the desk of Commissario… so you can see it in almost all polizieschi all’italiana (1971-1976)…

Dear Pollanet,

Thank you for the explanation!

Best regards,


Don’t worry. Already seen them almost all. :wink:
Just thought about coming out with US titles people didn’t mention (Gotti and Boss of Bosses).
Oh, check “Lucky Luciano” (1974) too, by Francesco Rosi.
Also, you can look for “American Me” (1992), by Edward James Olmos. It’s about “La Eme”, the Mexican Mafia.

I’ve seen “American Me”, already about 10 years ago, it’s a top movie. Haven’t seen “Lucky Luciano” yet.

Best regards and thank you for the advise. Please check out the SERIES thread I recently posted, 'though it might be a bit silly…

Best regards,


In my opinion one of the best unknown mafia stuff:

I familiari delle vittime non saranno avvertiti

Dear A.L.T.,

Thanks for the recommendation, haven’t seen this one, 'though I understand this is an ITALIAN film (title of the thrad NON ITALIAN), just WITH T. Savalas.

Anyway, good to know about it!!!

Incidentaly, someone recommended me “Across 110th st.” and really enjoyed it, just didn’t have any time to comment it.

Best regards,


One of my favourite mafia-movies is Murder, Inc. ,1960,the story of the organized crime syndicate called Murder Incorporated,co-directed by Stuart Rosenberg(Cool Hand Luke) with an extraordinary performance by Peter Falk (this is his debut in a movie) in the role of the hit man Abe Reles.

Hi ;

I didnt saw two classics ( according to me ) here.

BROTHERHOOD ( Kirk Douglas - I think this movie includes a lot of similar details with Godfather. But it shooted before )

VALACHI PAPERS ( Charles Bronson - It was also good mafia and organised crime movie and organization’s other name " Cosa Nostra" calls in this movie. Godfather didnt include any mafia or Cosa Nostra name)