I piaceri nel mondo

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I have noticed a still photograph from the film has distinct similarities to images found in the Japanese pressbook for This Is Japan:


To my knowledge this is the first time a link has been made between the two films. You can see the same scene is also depicted in a panel on the Japanese poster art for This Is Japan also.

Does anyone have the DVD release of I Piaceri Nel Mondo aka Mondo Nudo Teil II available at all for further confirmation?

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This is a really interesting discovery!

I didn’t even know that the film had been released on DVD…
I just bought the dvd on amazon.de , it should arrive in a week. If you haven’t found anyone else who can help you in the meantime, I will check it out as soon as I can and give you feedback on the forum.

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Thank you, @Frank_n_Furter, I appreciate it.

I’m intrigued to also discover which other scenes may also be found in that movie to cross-examine it and see if there yet more familiar sequences that appear I was not initially aware of.

This discovery was very recent, only in the past few days, and so I am very keen to try and uncover more!

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I report an incredible error in the movie poster…

In the background we see the names of the main cities in which the film is set, including Las Svegas

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