Richard Stanley accusato di violenza sulle donne

Per chi segue il regista di Hardware su Facebook, avrà notato un post strano del regista. Si riferisce a questo post sul blog della sua ex compagna, cosceneggiatrice di Colour out of space:

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Grazie per la condivisione dell’articolo, mi ero già informato per altre vie dato che ho conoscenze in comune con Stanley (fu nostro ospite al TOHorror Film Fest qualche anno fa). In effetti è recidivo, anche se la sua ex che anni fa lo accusava non riuscì a dimostrare nulla in tribunale. Sulla veridicità di tali accuse non posso pronunciarmi; trovo agghiacciante comunque che negli States ormai il garantismo non esista più e basti un’accusa lanciata da un blog per perdere il lavoro (Stanley è stato licenziato dalla casa di produzione con cui aveva realizzato Color Out Of Space). Certo che anche le argomentazioni postate da Stanley in propria difesa, su facebook, son roba da paranoici con tesi cospirazioniste a base di magia nera e combinazioni cabalistico-esoteriche… il tizio è fuori come un balcone ma lo si sapeva già.

Onestamente non so cosa pensare. Il tizio avrà le sue idee strambe ma non per questo può essere un mostro. Però la tipa, pur con un semplice post su un blog con valore zero, ha fornito dettagli alquanto precisi. Inutile dire che bisogna semplicemente sedersi al balcone ed aspettare gli sviluppi, spero per lui che siano tutte invenzioni, vedremo cosa succederà.

Sì, amicizie comuni mi avevano comunque accennato a referti medici, voci di corridoio secondo cui violenze ce ne sarebbero state… andrebbe dimostrato in tribunale, ovvio. Certo che se uno si difende ululando che si tratta di un gombloddoh degli Illuminati, meh.

Aggiornamento dalla Severin:


Just to clarify, we are not canceling or banning any titles in our catalog as a result of the Richard Stanley situation. We are merely consulting with the affected parties to determine the handling of future proceeds.

E’ un atteggiamento che trovo già più corretto, anche la Severin è stata sommersa di insulti dai fans di Stanley ma dovevano pur fare qualche dichiarazione in merito. E’ altra cosa dal licenziarlo in tronco come hanno fatto i produttori di Colour, secondo me. Fermo restando che pure se gli appioppassero l’ergastolo non mi stancherei mai di riguardare Hardware. E che Il Colore venuto dallo spazio rimane un gran bell’horror, sempre a mio immodesto parere.

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Di questi tempi sono accuse giustamente molto gravi che mineranno senz’altro la carriera di questo regista.
Comunque Il colore venuto dallo spazio è un buon film. Peccato quel che è successo perchè il regista aveva intenzione di fare un altro film tratto da Lovecraft.

Eh, ora che l’hanno cacciato la vedo dura. Anche se venisse prosciolto dalle accuse, mi pare improbabile possano riallacciare lui e la casa di produzione. A meno che un altro finanziatore non sia interessato…

Aggiornamenti dal FB di Stanley:

777 - FYI - Just a gentle reminder that I am not in jail, there is no evidence or case against me, nor have I committed any crimes. I remain alive and at liberty and am currently in a safe place, enjoying the early spring sunshine. The Zone looks after its own and truth will out - R x

E un suo commento sulla Severin:

Severin are among the worst offenders in this sorry affair - they not only leaped on the prejudicial bandwagon but have actually been paying my accusers (despite failing to verify whether they are even bona-fide ex-girlfriends let alone genuine ‘abuse survivors’) via a ‘Richard Stanley survivors fund’ set up to apparently channel my royalties to anyone who asks for them - the smell of panic is palpable even at a safe distance - R x

Aspe’, legalmente 'sta cosa delle royalties possono farla? O Stanley potrà sbattere il loro culo in tribunale? Ammesso che sia vero, alcune delle sue contro-accuse sfociano nel delirio paranoide secondo me.

Ulteriore aggiornamento, sta facendo causa lui:

777 - FYI - At home in the Zone - Spring is always my favourite season in the high valleys of French Occitania with the new green leaves on the trees, flowers and drifting seeds everywhere, the land washed clean by the spring rains and redolent with the promise of new life. Know that I am alive and well, making the most of the spring sunshine and drawing plans for the future. Contrary to the disinformation spread by my adversaries on social media, there is no case or evidence against me. Know that there are adults involved now and a full investigation is being carried out behind the scenes as criminal charges are prepared against my principal attackers. In the meantime, I wish to thank all those who have stood by me through this difficult period. It’s at times like this you get to find out who your true friends really are.
Keep the faith and know that truth will out - R x

Buh ma sarà vero o millanta? Se le presunte vittime si sono mosse per vie legali, ovviamente gli toccherà procurarsi un avvocato e difendersi in tribunale, ammesso che ci si arrivi. Se si sono limitate a sputtanarlo su un blog, ovviamente la querela per diffamazione ci sta. Di sicuro potrà fare causa alla produzione che ha reciso il contratto basandosi sulle accuse mosse contro di lui. Non so, ho l’impressione che anche lui stia un po’ facendo lo spaccone: quando decidi di far causa a qualcuno, per prima cosa il tuo avvocato ti vieta esternazioni di questo tipo che potrebbero essere usate contro di te.

Ma non è che abbia poi detto sto granché. Sicuramente le esternazioni/accuse su un blog ci sono state, e quindi le conseguenti azioni di varie società nel business. A questo punto contrattacca lui, vediamo…

Un altro aggiornamento, sempre dal FB di Stanley:

777 - update - Criminal complaints of Libel and Harassment have been filed in France against Tracy Robertson, aka ‘Scarlett Amaris’, a screenwriter and fantasist who launched a vicious attack on my career and reputation on March 16 2021. Tracy is a US citizen so we cannot extradite her to stand trial but we can at least prevent her from ever returning to Europe where false accusations of this gravity still carry a jail term. My attorney is currently seeking further charges against her co-conspirators who enabled the so-called ‘777’ attack. The rule book for Hollywood figures accused of impropriety seems to suggest putting out a carefully worded statement that says in effect, ‘that’s not how I remember the incident and I deeply regret if anyone’s emotional toes were stepped on.’ Well, I’m here to break those rules. I’m going to say that the accusations made against me were lies and damnable lies and I have the witnesses and evidence to fully discredit Tracy’s story as a dark fairytale that bears no relationship to the truth. This can be a business of sharp elbows and hard feelings, and I can and have taken my share. But, I cannot and will not sit idly by when I am publicly accused of some of the most despicable acts I can imagine - and this by a former partner I was never anything but generous to, opened my home to, and who did nothing but take advantage of my nature. Now, multiple years later, she has chosen to attack my reputation just as I was about to commence work on the biggest feature film project of my career. There is much more to be said, and it will be in the appropriate place—a court of law— where accusations have to be backed by evidence; where witnesses have to swear to tell the truth; and where, unlike Hollywood, a mere accusation does not equal a presumption of guilt. It’s very different from social media and why the court of law is the venue I think most appropriate for my defense. I am confident that when the evidence is heard, Ms. ‘Scarlett’ will be found guilty, as we are requesting, and my reputation vindicated. Over the days to come I will be submitting verifiable facts and first hand witness testimony to the proper authorities that will prove my innocence. In the meantime, I wish to thank all those who have stood by me through this difficult period.

Richard Stanley
French Occitania
Hunter’s Moon 2021

#cancelcancelculture #falseaccusationsdestroylives

Aggiornamento dal FB del regista, la corte francese gli ha dato ragione:

777 - breaking news - the Tribunal Judiciare of Carcassonne has upheld criminal charges against Tracy Robertson (aka ‘Scarlett Amaris) and her principal enabler Tonelise Rugaas ( aka ‘Shelly Gonzalez’ aka ‘horrortainment news’). Both are charged with harassment, libel, defamation and ‘behaviour having as its object or effect a degradation of working conditions which may infringe the rights to human dignity, health or a professional career’ under France’s Code Penal and Code Travail. Having considered the evidence and depositions submitted by all parties the Court has decided I have no case to answer to. The first page of the official ordonnance outlining the charges can be found appended below (my home address has been redacted in hot pink - for obvious reasons). The tribunal further recommended the psychological examination of my accusers, the so-called ‘witches’, in the hope of getting a handle on their motives and have requested the police reopen their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 777 attack. I welcome this initiative and while the accused have already fled the country, I look forward to seeing justice done. In this strangest of cases the term ‘witch’ is not intended as a pejorative as my assailants openly identify as ‘witches’ with Madame Rugaas claiming close ties to the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), an organisation identified as a ‘cult’ in report no. 2468 of the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry into sects in France while Madame Robertson is an adherent of the Cult of Hecate, the Queen of Hell. Both stand accused of using tactics similar to the Inquisitors in days of old to incite further false allegations from their victims and the use of ’coercive control techniques’ designed to induce a state of murderous mass hysteria among their numerous all-too-willing on-line followers. Certainly hell is what they raised in the mass unconscious of the technosphere. Having destroyed not only my livelihood but the lives and careers of dozens of others, wiping out hundreds of jobs resulting in literally millions of dollars in lost revenues, the time has come for the ‘witches’ to pay the piper and take cognisance of their karma. I hope to announce civil charges against their co-conspirators in the United States v. shortly and will be following the trail of digital evidence back to its source in Hollywood. In the meantime, I should like to thank all those who have stood by me during these dangerous days and continue to stand by me, not to mention the French Republic for recognising my innocence. I am indeed an innocent man, alive and at liberty, nor have I ever been convicted of any criminal wrong doing anywhere on this planet. An official press release will be issued once the tribunal’s final ruling has been handed down and convictions secured. If the accused happen to be reading this statement, try to take this opportunity to reflect on your actions and embrace the light. Step away from the abyss and the pointless malice of the past. Renounce the path that will inevitably lead to self-destruction and do not run the risk of any more innocent lives being caught in the crossfire. End this nightmare now. It is not too late. Know you have been manipulated and played like puppets by forces you barely understand, both corporate, sociological and supernatural. Step away from the material darkness of Rex Mundi and the forces of the Demiurge and embrace the path of Spirit, the path of the heart. Embrace the potentiality of the new world and the true meaning of 777 and know that fire burns but also illuminates. Reclaim your true destinies and take back control of your lives before it is too late. Lies and calumnies cannot stand in the face of the truth, nor do they hold any power over the forces I serve, the true Sovereignty of this land. If any of the accused’s followers are reading these words, I advise you to get off the train now - the bridge is down up ahead and we are speeding towards it. Justice is coming. Here’s hoping for a swift end to this pointless war and for peace, love and magic to prevail. Long may the Zone abide, the castle stand and the Good lady rule - R x

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Boh la storia della presunta setta, sinceramente… resta il fatto che un tribunale sta smontando le accuse contro Stanley, com’è giusto che sia.

Vabbè, Stanley ha le sue dérive e fissazioni, ma non per questo deve essere messo al gabbio.

No be’, ovvio. Però quando se ne esce con 'ste paranoie risulta facile farlo passare per mentecatto e dare credibilità ai calunniatori.

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